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Helensburgh is a town of some 15,000 souls on the banks of the Clyde Estuary.  Sinclair House is located near the town centre and just a short walk to shops, bars and restaurants (umbrellas available if required).

In 1997 a local referendum was held regarding Helensburgh’s affiliation – then with Dunbartonshire – the outcome of which resulted in a move to Argyll & Bute!  In retrospect – this is regarded by some as “out of the frying pan and into the fire”!

In upper Helensburgh, developed by wealthy Victorian Glasgow merchants, is the HILL HOUSE, now in the care of THE NATIONAL TRUST FOR SCOTLAND.  This exquisite building (in the foreground of the picture left – click for larger image) complete with original furnishings, is renowned as the finest domestic masterpiece of the internationally famous Scots architect, CHARLES RENNIE MACKINTOSH.  A major fire damaged another of his masterpieces – the Glasgow School of Art – in 2014 but due to diligent firefighters – thee damage was limited.  Other famous local connections include HENRY BELL, originator of the steamship and, of course, JOHN LOGIE BAIRD, the inventor of television

North of the town lie the foothills of the West Highlands, where the fjord-like sea-lochs, gouged out by great glaciers, cut deep inland. Once the masts of Viking longboats crowded in Loch Long – named from the Gaelic for ‘Loch of Ships’. Today, you are likely to encounter yachtsmen or sea-anglers in the popular sporting waters of the Gareloch or Clyde Estuary.

The highlight of summer is a trip “doon the watter” on the world’s last ocean going paddle steamer – THE WAVERLEY.

For detailed info on Helensburgh including current and forthcoming events, visit HTTP://WWW.HELENSBURGH.COM

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